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Krita contains a large number of tools for painters, a large number of settings and features. Their number increases every year, but not all of them are popular. More precisely, the critics want to know which of the options are popular. Based on this information, you can determine the vector of further work, finalize popular, but not too well-implemented features, remove old, useless functions. Use of clickstream analytics will help to learn the popularity of features.

Full version of proposal you can read here.

( Site isn't ready now. Sources of site.


R863:1b0d9c7ee109: create auto-generated appversions counter
R37:9a24b5191a82: Merge branch 'master' into akapustin/T6102-telemetry
R37:bffa54496729: Install info sends only for updates
R37:b2873991c954: create non-fatal asserts collecting system
R863:307170053e5d: Remove js project
R37:75a02005e84a: Merge branch 'master' into akapustin/T6102-telemetry
R37:03abc407f639: merge with actual master branch
R863:c380ce2cd46d: Store to db is ready
R863:1f4ebea69cba: server-side fixes
R863:0cb791ed9f2b: Add sample parse
R863:8f5d99b50895: minor changes
R863:4feff97cce64: bd scheme
R863:add42db6d65b: create simple server
R863:7b6728cdb960: Simple server
R863:fbc90d389524: Create base page
R863:800723fcf89a: test site
R863:a9c7403b8d89: Add auth prototype
R863:f2281ed21e47: add frontend prototype
R863:5c0d56d02340: move backend to 8080
R863:63665c0e7137: Merge branch 'master' of
R863:239ca603dbfd: add configs
R863:f4008689335e: Merge branch 'master' of
R863:71eb127bf64f: Rework backend
R863:76c47c1e3cec: Create getting argegate info
R863:058ffd10078e: Create frontend prototype
R863:bed7c9a9291e: Add new info for front
R863:474c8934183a: Add new collected sources
R37:253957ad1975: Add tool info source
R37:84d7bec6f135: remove Vc dependence for telemetry
R863:913970651679: Rewrite front on django templates
R863:bc659d457cea: add debug info
R37:04ea6ca8ca9d: merge master
R863:2795d348334e: create start page
R863:94288983df6e: Create asserts tree view and improve render speed
R37:9bc780ebe80d: Add version's provider
R863:637d32cd2958: impove render speed for tools\actions
R863:fa26c6bc669b: fix image info empty bug
R863:9c7fedb4d012: create prototypes for tools stats
R863:7baed2077984: create install info graphics
R863:eb8989527633: create graphs for image's info
R863:3a4a04341d17: create proportion info for install and images
R863:2b06bf1ffb99: create proportion part1
R37:cad6fd7bc349: update telemetry update time
R37:f4b95dc00cac: merge
R37:e42b3a118b26: Fix redirect bug
R863:ffc9d755a679: fix redirect bug
R863:03a4f262cc32: add proportion for install info
R37:c21d63634efe: Ready for test build
R863:cbc242a78227: add allowed hosts
R863:7372dd849115: remove unused mptt
R863:7c466c8927f1: create first full prototype
R863:1608fc6f3770: create tools agregate info
R863:0e56f9ddc417: add all actions
R863:e69c25539efa: fix null agregate
R863:9a0a2069fe3e: create agregate daemon for actions
R863:ba80e0b229c6: Create hello page
R863:f720a59b20c8: Create listen server
R37:77dc2c727580: create regular telemetry send
R37:5741a8948169: Fix null-provider's problem
R37:5d4768a18ef4: Cosmetic rename
R37:a0fb19d27d4c: Remove kis_telemetry_actions
R37:fd0f3bb52a26: Remove "visitor" pattern
R37:f3547a8f7c0e: Create actions collect system(without sources)
R37:8e8eef921abe: Fix export class bug
R37:71093c21e56e: create separate lib
R37:00fbe5f63734: Create system of image info collection
R37:ea35f4b244e2: Fatal asserts collection is created
R863:d29cb14df7c4: Create django tree prototype Ref T6102
R863:e8a2dc04b27a: Create daemon for collectong install data
R37:1e226a607d11: Create tests for telemetry of tools
R37:f383b4149360: Rework telemetry provider
R37:7fbdc2c833c9: Fix negative time bug Ref T6102
R863:e5b110703c74: Create insert data for tools Ref T6102
R863:06d6e200ec73: Create insert info for mongo Ref T6102
R37:98ec87a8e0de: Optimize collect info from tools Ref T6102
R37:9e4bd76400d7: Creare sensors for telemetry tools Ref T6102
R37:1051e9452898: Rework collect system for KisTool Ref T6102
R37:a30510e1a77b: Add system of collect tools info prototype
R37:79835f0bbda5: Add new info source
R37:9f5691827a8a: Add kuserfeedback provider
R37:b84d4a99732b: Set url adress telemetry
R37:a2bade024db1: Fix telemetry plugin create
R37:6142ce2808b2: Refactor provider
R37:a9c1cbdb7df8: Add button for send info
R37:3aab4f19e316: Kuserfeedback is lib
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