Corrections for KReport properties
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Corrections for KReport properties (master).

If description is the same as caption it's unnecessary redundancy and overhead for translators.

tr("Line Style"), tr("Line Style") -> tr("Line Style")
tr("X Axis Title"), tr("X Axis Title") -> tr("X Axis Title")
tr("Y Axis Title"), tr("Y Axis Title") -> tr("Y Axis Title")
tr("Display Legend"), tr("Display Legend") -> tr("Display Legend")
tr("Background Color"), tr("Background Color") -> tr("Background Color")
tr("Latitude"), tr("Latitude") -> tr("Latitude")
tr("Longitude"), tr("Longitude") -> tr("Longitude")
tr("Zoom"), tr("Zoom") -> tr("Zoom")


  • KProperty("theme" -missing caption
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m_lineStyle = new KProperty("line-style", (int)Qt::SolidLine, tr("Line Style"), tr("Line Style"), KProperty::LineStyle);
what happens to second tr("Line Style") paramter?

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