Add tooltips for pen sensors
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These are to add tooltips for the brush editor pen sensors. The goal of this is to help this complicated are be a bit easier to understand. There are a lot of sensors and trying to make it easier to understand is a good thing.

These are some tooltips I am thinking about for each sensor...

  • Pressure - How much force you press down on your stylus
  • PressureIn - Values only increase you increase pressure
  • X-Tilt - The horizontal angle between your tablet and your stylus
  • Y-Tilt - The vertical angle between your tablet and your stylus
  • Tilt Direction - Direction in degrees you stylus is pointing in
  • Tilt Elevation - The perpendicularity in angles of your stylus to your tablet.
  • Speed - How much the brush is affected by the speed at which you draw (Software).
  • Drawing Angle - What direction your paint strokes are going in (Software)
  • Rotation - The barrel rotation of the stylus if supported (Software)
  • Distance - Values change as brush stroke distance increases (Software)
  • Time - Values change as time increases while making brush strokes (Software)
  • Fuzzy Dab - Randomness added to the brush dab (Software)
  • Fuzzy Stroke - Randomness added to the brush stroke (Software)
  • Fade - Value changes as more brush dabs are applied to the canvas (Software)
  • Perspective - Value changes with perspective. Requires perspective assistant (Software)
  • Tangential Pressure - finger wheel on an airbrush stylus if supported.
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Yes, this is fine.

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I am not working on this right now...but it might be a good idea to do later so keeping it in the abyss for now