Categorization words activity
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Description: Categorize the elements(words and sentences) into correct and incorrect groups
Goal: Build conceptual thinking and enrich knowledge
Prerequisite: Can drag elements using mouse

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Hi. Is this currently open and free?

@jjazeix would love to work on this as a SoK project.

@kundusayak, Emmanuel answered you yesterday on how to apply for sok (writing a proposal). As written in, we won't consider the proposal if the rules are not followed.

List of some sub tasks:

  1. Rebase with categorization images (I did it with some stuff left).
  2. Fix the sentences boxes width and the words adjustment.
  3. Drag and drop can be better done using mouse area then position of images.

@jjazeix @dmadaan is this issue still open to work on ?

@jjazeix can I work on this?

@kundusayak hi, sure :). If you are unsure of what to do, feel free to contact us either by mail or irc

@dmadaan can you tell me which task to start first.

@kundusayak The first steps to be done are to build Gcompris and then switch to the categorization_words branch
The next step would be to rebase it with master (it is build on top of categorization which had many changes so rebase would be required)
I started with it (didn't push the code yet, I can share the patch if you want) feel free to ask if you have any issue :)

Built Gcompris. @dmadaan can you please share the patch.

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