can we get rid of qwidget in okularcore?
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aacid created this task.Oct 24 2016, 10:23 PM
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Can't do it just yet:

  • void Document::fillConfigDialog( KConfigDialog * dialog )
  • Plenty of KMessageBox in Document
core (frameworks)$ git grep -i dialog | grep include
chooseenginedialog.cpp:#include "chooseenginedialog_p.h"
chooseenginedialog.cpp:#include <QDialogButtonBox>
chooseenginedialog_p.h:#include <QDialog>
document.cpp:#include <QtPrintSupport/QPrintDialog>
document.cpp:#include "chooseenginedialog_p.h"
script/kjs_console.cpp:#include <kdialog.h>
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More things:
class OKULARCORE_EXPORT TextDocumentSettingsWidget : public QWidget

For future us, to list used includes on headers:
grep core.*.h$ install_manifest.txt | xargs grep -h "^#include " | sort -u

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