Set the recommended versions for each programming language supported by Cantor
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Currently Cantor supports 11 different programming languages. Each programming language evolves in their own schedule and sometimes new versions of the languages break their support in Cantor.

From now Cantor will present a "recommended version" string in the backend selection screen. The idea is specify a version or a set of versions where the backend work properly, without errors, where the assistants and the variable management sidebar works correctly, etc.

See the new selection backend screen below.

I would like to request for Cantor community to help in this task. We need specify which is the version or the set of versions correctly supported for each programming language supported by Cantor.

It would be nice if the developers write unit tests to certify each feature is working correctly, but it is a plus. The objective now is specify the versions supported correctly, maybe using unit tests, or maybe testing each feature by hand.

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