Complete the reports website with content management
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The site will show the reports.

We need to develop a system to insert easily the textual information to the reports along with metadata.
The statistics from github/mediawiki/phabricator are ready.

davidev created this task.Sep 20 2016, 8:58 AM

I've decided to implement the content management in a very simple way:

The reports' settings will be inserted in simple yaml files and uploaded in a git repo. The reports server will checkout the repository and periodically update the report pages with the setted information.

The promo team will only have to create new files for every report and git push them to have the website updated.

Here an example:

id : important_report
start_date : 2016-08-27
end_date:  2016-09-18
git_repos :
    - WikiToLearn/WikiToLearn
    - WikiToLearn/CourseEditor
    - WikiToLearn/WikiToLearnSkin
    - WikiToLearn/Neverland
    - WikiToLearn/texla
    - WikiToLearn/texla_api
    - WikiToLearn/EasyLink
    - WikiToLearn/pywikibot
    - WikiToLearn/OCG
    - WikiToLearn/wtl-utils
    - WikiToLearn/Reporter
    - WikiToLearn/WikiToLearnHome

phab_groups :
    WikiToLearn Partecipation: [122]
    WikiToLeanrn 1.0: [103]
    WikiToLearnGeneric: [39]
    TeXLa : [114]
    Textbooks importing: [115]
    WikiToLearn Content: [126]
    WikiToLearn Graphics and UX: [116]
    WikiToLearn OCG: [102]
    WikiToLearn Bots: [113]

    - it
    - en

title: Title to show

main_comment : |
    Main comment at the beginning of the report page

teams_log :
    graphics : Working on the skin
    texla : parsing new environments
    ocg : fixed books output
ruphy added a comment.Sep 23 2016, 3:23 PM

great work! it looks just amazing!!

just a question, as the report is usually assembled after seeing the report itself:
is it possible to implement a "draft" mode, something like a keyword that, if present, won't publish the report? (something simple, like not linking it from the homepage and not adding it to the RSS feed and this kind of stuff)

also, when can we start to use this tool and to which repos should we push? :-)

ruphy awarded a token.Sep 23 2016, 3:23 PM

the draft mode would be a good idea. I can enable it but for the moment it will be a option in the configs, like a status.

you put:
status : draft
and you will visit it at
Then when it is read you have to change the status and commit the changes.

In the future I'll add a publish bottom or something like that.

yep, this interaction is perfect, you can also put it in the real place but simply not linked from anywhere

Deploying the website as described

The website is almost ready. The promo team can begin creating the report files as the example one in the ReportsMetadata repo.

davidev closed this task as Resolved.