Create Metadata Editor to edit CourseMetadata pages
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This task is quite completed, but there are two main issues:

  1. Some metadata, such as bibliography or external references should look nice. For example, they should be a list, contain links etc... The metadata editor provide just a textarea where insert those information. No formatting is provided or suggested. Instead of define a custom syntax to define lists, links etc, I'm thinking to use plain wikitext. This way I have not responsibility over "parsing" the syntax, i just have to get the textarea value and "paste" it in the metadata page. Since Metadata editor will be enabled for admin only I think it should be the easiest and better solution to tackle this problem.
  2. Now, I implementend these metadata:
    1. Topic
    2. Description
    3. External references
    4. Imported (with optional original authors)
    5. Reviewed (with the date)

Any other metadata we will want to be present must be added into the code. So, please, I prefer to define all of them now. I know that in the future they could be added / removed, but I don't want to do this in the next few months. Here you can find all the metadata we defined. Do you think I have to implement all of them? Do you want to change something?

Please give me feedback, I really want to complete this task and proceed to the next one.

@davidev @crisbal @liguorisofia @ScimmiaSpaziale @mapellidario

i think you've taken everything into account

Il 14 set 2016 16:55, "atundo (Alessandro Tundo)" <> ha scritto:

i think you've taken everything into account

So, do you think a have to implement all the metadata written in the page I linked in the previous comment? Do you agree with the wikitext in those fields?

i think 'notes' don't need distinction from external references since notes ARE external references