make opengl tests possible (16.04 server)
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KWin opengl tests (e.g. sceneOpenGL) need DRI devices to actually run the test. Currently we cannot run them because 14.04 has a fairly old kernel.

Once we migrate to 16.04 we should do one of the following:

Device forward

This only makes sense if /dev/dri/* contains a card node, control node and render node.

approximately do docker --device /dev/dri/* to selectively forward all DRI nodes (possibly only for kwin test) into docker.


Virtual DRI nonense. Load vgem kernel module if native /dev/dri/ on host doesn't have the relevant nodes and we need virtual ones. Possibly still needs --device forwarding into docker.

sitter created this task.Aug 19 2016, 1:43 PM

we don't really run tests but we could do

We do run plasma tests by your request @jriddell do we not?