Git hook to ensure serial number of DNS zones is changed
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More than once I have made changes to the DNS configuration in sysadmin/dns.git and forgotten to bump the serial number of the DNS zone. Ben somehow never forgets but I do need a slap when I forget.

It would be technically possible to make git hooks enforce this, making the slap automatic. If a zone file is edited but the serial number didn't change, reject the push, or at least give a warning.

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I've forgotten this just once in the past, but the changes propagated just fine.

Changing the serial number isn't required for either our PowerDNS servers or Bytemark to pick it up - it will begin propagating regardless. Do we still need to implement this? As long as it gets bumped for consistency everything should be fine.

I thought it was required, and our internal docs said so.

Either way, there is a reason why I filed this in the lowest possible priority ๐Ÿ˜ Plus it's something I may implement myself, eventually. I just didn't want to forget the idea, hence ticket.

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