Title editor improvements
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Kdenlive's title editor currently supports text, images, and rectangles.

Please support more graphical elements, such as polygon lines, circles, and ellipses.

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As in SVG support?

I meant to merge this one with T1950 not the other way around. I didn't manage to undo it. Sorry.

@massimostella wrote in the other request:

Improvements: Inner and outer glow, slant, baseline shift, small caps, more shapes (circle, triangle, etc.), text distribution.
Fixes: you can't resize the text area if you need to edit it again. Shadow is cropped on the border.

Frankly I worry about the titler and its features/bugs consuming too much time... I would rather not have it and worry less to handle more code/bugs. I would rather have a proper EDL export and use Blender or Natron for this kinds of tasks but I understand that it might be overkill for many people and see its worth. :)

I ask if support for SVG would solve this? Maybe Krita's code can help in this task.

So to synthezise the requests based so far on @thediveo and @massimostella input:

1- Text

  • Inner and outer glow
  • Slant
  • Baseline shift
  • Small caps
  • Text distribution

2- Shapes

  • Polygons
  • Lines
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I guess we need both EDL and a good Titler because this is what professionals expect to find in a professional application.
Actually for project export they probably would like to have also OMF, but EDL as first step is ok.
Of course a more complete titler embedded in the application is a very very important too,. as it's for some effects and filters (secondary color correction on top of the list).
Of course untill Kdenlive will be not complete, people will have to use differents tools for some job but I guess that in the future we have to find all basic tools inside Kdenlive.
Blender (very good for 3d titling) and Natron are very good compositing platform but are not too comfortable for titling. Maybe it's better to use graphic tools as Gimp or Krita. The major problem with Image editors is that you can't acheive good rolling or crawling titles.
When I wrote about compositors as Blender and Natron, I referred to complex effects and filters that you always find only in basic version inside video editor applications, so if you want to achieve "Hollywood results" ;) you have always to use compositing applications. For this reason, just for eg, Adobe has 2 products Premiere and After Effects, and Apple has FCPX and Motion.

What I usually do for quick tasks is use Inkscape; I define the page size to 1920x1080 (my render size), create the title template, export to png and then import it in Kdenlive.

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This topic definitely had me thinking: what are users actually expecting of a good, professional Title Editor that's built into the NLE?

The list of features we created contains all the things Kdenlive titler is still missing at now.
It's not a big list and the titler at today is already pretty good.
For inofs I paste 3 links to the images of Premiere, AVID and FCPX titlers:


The 3 titlers contain all the features Kdenlive already has and the listed ones, which are still missing.
FCPX has the options for creating animated clips (mostly for 3d titling purpose) by interacting with the program timeline. Other softwares use third part titler plugin for 3D, but in the latest version, also AVID integrates a 3D motion titler.


Before to think at the 3d titler (maybe we can use the blender engine as we can find in Openshot) I guess tha a latest small effort for completing all the features you can ask for formatting and arranging text and shapes at this point is a must. :)

Here is a report with some good suggestion to improve the details that make a big difference.


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SVG would be very handy. Additionally please consider also titles and text placement for 360/spherical movies.

For this category equirectaangular projection have to be considered as text need to be transformed depending on position on the frame (text can be basically not transformed if placed in equator - center of frame).

  • Additional perspective deformation can be applied to create illusion of text flying between observer and background action.
  • Circular covers placed in nadir or zenith, to hide tripod are also used for text placement (authors contact data, logo, location coordinates (could they by auto extracted from original clip?) ). - related with T6395