Concept for handling crashes (Android vs. KCrash)
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Understand how crash reports work and how we can leverage them.

apol created this task.Jun 14 2016, 9:00 AM
cordlandwehr renamed this task from Figure out crashes to Concept for handling crashes (Android vs. KCrash).Jun 16 2016, 7:59 AM

I have good understanding of Android, interested in working on this. Would like to know what is the required to be done.

This task is an earmark that we have to do research about how to best interact with Android's crash log system from a Qt application. Possible outcomes are

  • only use the Android crash system, since KCrash does not give an additional gain, or
  • going a combined approach, by providing an additional JNI backend to KCrash, or
  • something completely different that we did not think about yet.

Hence, there is no straight forward way, but this is a experimental research task where one has to research an assess the different approaches and come up with a viable concept.

Crash indicate crash in java code (Android code alone) or C++ code as well? I could implement catching crash in Java code and can call DrKonqi.

Is there any sample crash log available? I would like to have a look and will figure out what has to be done.

apol added a comment.Dec 27 2016, 5:40 PM

We need C++ as well as most KDE applications will be written in C++.

Why do you want a sample crash log? What we actually need is the tool that generates these logs.