Implement a publish button on user's page
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A Publish button on User:Bob/section should add that page to a category where admins and tutors can have a look at.

The publish button may be placed after the list of all the chapters of that section and it may be implemented using the inputbox extension:

The button has been implemented inside a template. It works like this. A Button is displayed on the bottom of section page, let's say User:Bob/FooSection. When pressed the button add a text with a preloaded template on the bottom of User:Bob/FooSection. This template automatically adds the page to a category.

The admins and tutors should be regularly check the page under this category and handle that. Once a decision about mechanism to move pages or to transclude them has been taken, in case the pages are still under the User namespace, then the page User:Bob/FooSection needs to be removed from the category

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Hey, the button is now implemented skin-side.
It is displayed on the Root of a private course only if the user is the same as the one who created the course.
The backend login needs to be implemented

We got this working also php-side, now we are implementing an "undo" pending publish request button

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I implemented publish and undo publication too. I have just to remove the ReadyToBePublished category if a user use CourseEditor before an admin move the course.

@atundo how is this going?

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I completed it! Now users can:

  • Click on a Publish button enabled in the user's courses root page to publish it (A template and an hidden category are added)
  • Undo the publication (The template and the category are removed, even on edit of the structure of the course)
  • Admin can found "Pending courses" in the Special:CourseEditor/ReadyCourses pages and can move one by one courses from NS_USER to NS_COURSE