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The main idea is here

It needs to be divided into subtasks. An idea of the subtasks is this:

  1. Define a "Welcome" template, to be used when a user signs up. This template should include the links to read the guide, the shortest description on how to start a new section and an inputbox like the first image in the page
  1. Think a way of implementing the User/Section page. It should have a button on at the end that creates a new subpage (a chapter) and saves it on the list of the chapter belonging to that section.
  1. Think about a publish button. When the user is on the section page and wants to get his content reviewed and submitted on the collaborative textbook, that button should add the section page on a specific category so editor admins and tutors know that the section is ready to be handled.
  1. Mediawiki/Skin fix: find out why on a user page navigation's breadcrumbs are broken.
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Ok, I have updated the task with some blocking ones. @imalchow if you don't mind, I will assign to you the T2728

sure, no problem

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I see a technical problem:

When the user create the seciton by typing in the inputbox a page with preloaded text is being created. The problem is that I want that page already saved, and obviously mediawiki doesn't do that. The new page needs to be saved first and then it can be visualized correctly. I posted an answer on the talk page of the manual about preloaded content.

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As I can say only amazing!
The mockups are perfect!

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This is more and more crucial for the development of WikiToLearn, as the promo and participation teams are only waiting for this!
What do you think of making a minisprint this week to finally get this done? :-)

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