Port of Gtk+ Electric Simulator
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Description: Create and simulate an electric schema

Prerequisite: Requires some basic understanding of the concept of electricity.

Goal: Freely create an electric schema with a real time simulation of it.

Manual: Drag electrical components from the selector and drop them in the working area. Create wires by clicking on a connection spot, dragging the mouse to the next connection spot, and letting go. You can also move components by dragging them. You can delete wires by clicking on them. To delete a component, select the deletion tool on top of the component selector. You can click on the switch to open and close it. You can change the rheostat value by dragging its wiper. In order to simulate what happens when a bulb is blown, you can blown it by right-clicking on it. The simulation is updated in real time by any user action.


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Can I take this task as GSOC ?

Is this activity started somewhere or I have to start from scratch .

@nityanandkumar hi, there is a process for gsoc: http://gcompris.net/wiki/GSOC_newcomers and https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/gcompris-devel/2017-March/005066.html
If you are interested please propose us a proposal (don't assign to yourself now the activities you'd like to do if selected)

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Hi. Is this currently open and free?

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Dupe of T5954