SVG Mesh Gradients
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  • Mesh Gradients on Vector and Paint (Raster) Layers.
  • A way to render Mesh Gradients (Current system doesn’t render them at all).
  • Tool to create and edit Mesh Gradients.
  • A way to save and export Mesh Gradients in both vector and raster file formats.
  • Vigorous tests cases to verify that it matches the standard.
  • User documentation for the tool.


June 1 - June 14:

  • Adding support for meshgradient elements in SVGParser. SVG being an XML-based format, this should be a trivial task.
  • Unit tests to test the parser, by adding test cases to TestSvgParser.
  • Blog about the progress.

June 15 - July 19:

  • Writing SvgMeshGradientHelper, SvgMeshArray, SvgMeshPatch to render SVGs on canvas
  • Writing the renderer for rendering Mesh Patches.
  • Benchmarking and profiling to optimize it.
  • Documenting the renderer.
  • Update community wiki for the First Evaluation.
  • Blog about the progress and once this major milestone has been completed.

July 20 - August 3:

  • Updating SVG writer classes. So Krita can save Mesh Gradients as SVGs.
  • Testing the SVG writer.
  • Update community wiki and complete the Second Evaluation.
  • Blog about the progress.

August 4 - August 24:

  • Writing the UI for the mesh tool. (E.g Tool Options Docker, on Canvas Bézier curves).
  • Updating KisGradientPainter to include the new gradient type.
  • Documenting the Mesh Gradient Tool.
  • User Testing based on user feedback and surveys.
  • User Manual.
  • Blog about the new tool.

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R37:3c8586f64d4e: Add parser for parsing `meshgradient` SVG element
R37:4c04fc0b57b1: Create KoPathShape from meshpatch stops
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