Fix spacebar
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There's various bugs with spacebar,

  • incoming/outgoing messages getting lost
  • random crashers
  • can't send messages to numbers which are not in contact book

Fix them all...

bshah created this task.Apr 1 2020, 1:37 PM

I was recently working on rewriting spacebar. A few things are already better tham with spacbar:

  • sending messages works reliably
  • no random crashes
  • mapping of incomimg and outgoing conversations to contacts
  • no more hacks to find the sim accoumt
  • better design (imo)

however the app is not yet finished, most notably receiving message doen't work yet. I can't really say yet how much work fixing it will be. In case youare interested in workng in the new app instead, I can push the source code somewhere.

Spacebear progress update: Thanks to the help of Anthony Fieroni, spacebear now generally works (receiving and sending), work to invoke the client when a message arrives is work in progress and not fully tested, but should work as well.

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