Need icons for Okular color modes
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Hi there, I need some ideas for some icons. They are needed for the new Change Colors menu in Okular: !141

I want to create these icons, and need feedback for their names and design:

  • paper-color: Maybe a version of snap-page with a color drop.
  • color-mode-invert: Maybe a color drop with a vertical separation line, on side black, the other side white.
  • color-mode-change-dark-light: Maybe two color drops, one black, one white.
  • color-mode-black-white: Also maybe two color drops, but needs to be different
  • color-mode-invert-luma (for future Invert Luma color mode): Maybe a vertically separated color drop, with an image pictogram in the background. Idea is to show the intention of the color mode, it shall basically invert, but preserve image hue.
  • Maybe also color-mode-invert-lightness (for future color mode, in case Invert Luma looks bad): Maybe a vertically separated color drop, with a ‘T’ text pictogram in the background. Idea is that this is probably better suited for documents with colored text, while Invert Luma is better for images

Alternatively to the color drop, I have the idea to use a sun/moon combination, like known for display brightness.

That makes sense to me.

I made some experiments.

  1. color-mode-black-white
  2. color-mode-change-dark-light
  3. color-mode-hue-shift-240
  4. color-mode-hue-shift-120
  5. paper-color
  6. color-mode-invert-text
  7. color-mode-invert-image
  8. Alternative to color-mode-invert-image
  9. Alternative to color-mode-invert-image
  10. color-mode-invert
  11. Alternative to color-mode-invert
  12. Alternative to color-mode-invert-text

I wouldn’t add lightness or luma to the icon name, because I have no idea how the icon could be specific enough to show lightness or luma.