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One of the problem encountered with the redesigning of * is that each websites uses a similar CSS file, but not exactly the same because of some differences in the HTML structure.

A solution would be to move from CSS to SASS and create multiple modules, and for each website generate a different CSS file, that import a different set of SASS modules.

Now about the Sysadmin part, for this to work I would need to have a repo 'websites/aether-sass', with a CI/CD job that create all the CSS files and download them to

It is possible to create such a ci job?

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That can certainly be done (all the Jekyll/Hugo/etc sites are built using a similar method).

You'd be looking at generating the full content of using this tooling?
If so, would you mind detailing the tools, etc. we'll need in the environment to run this generation process?

I would like to use Symfony Encore, because I'm familiar with this tool from work.

For the installation, I only need a recent version of Nodejs and Yarn.

For the ci, the script would looks like this

# Update yarn/dependencies
yarn install

# Create CSS files and js files
yarn encore production

# Upload  with scp
scp -r public
# or with rsync
rsync -????? public

For the beginning I would push to instead so that I can test without worries. ;=)

I've now provisioned the repository part of this request -

Thanks I will first for the time being start creating the CSS code for the mediawiki and do some manual test with wikisandbox ;) if this work, we can then start writing the ci job to upload to

So I started working on it, and it now exports bootstrap.{css,js} and aether-mediawiki.css.

I also created a merge request for a gitlab ci:

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This is now all setup and ready to go.

Content will be published automatically at

ognarb added a comment.Aug 5 2019, 7:05 AM

Thank you :) Now I can move the CSS of all websites to a unified code base ;)

(Side note: due to how the system is architectured, in the future it will be possible to operate separate branches for devel and production easily)

I added a small merge request to generate two versions: one with versioning and one without.

I've now reviewed and merged that.

The versioned files will appear on the next job run.