Documentation fixes
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Abella created this task.May 17 2019, 5:53 AM

Hi @Abella would it be possible for you to add this diff as a Merge request in our gitlab instance. All the development of Krita is currently shifted to and the repository for the manual is . you can use your same kde identity to create the Merge request . Here is a guide for creating merge request. If you find any difficulty feel free to ping me on IRC # krita channel

@kamathraghavendra , I think @Abella is doing this because he is having trouble with figuring out why it didn't work last time. The problem was that he should've tried to commit his changes to a branch. Maybe you can help him with creating a branch in his fork, or otherwise commit locally?

Aah sorry @Abella I didn't recognise your nick, you last merge request was merged without problem, although the RM was not automatically closed, that is not a problem. I can help you create a fork in your branch if you wish. Are you on IRC?

I'm are in my other work! Inspect it, sure.