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This page contains a number of links pointing nowhere for a while. I would like to update it to make sure it can be safely shared and promoted.

From my research:

Czech Republichttp://czechia.kde.org/Outdated (2010), most links don't work?
Hungaryhttp://www.kde.hu/Redirects to kde.orgRemove
Polandhttp://kde.org.pl/Redirects to planet.kde.orgRemove
Turkeyhttp://www.kde.org.tr/Hosting message (shut down in 2011)Remove
Taiwanhttp://kde.linux.org.tw/Some content (2017)?
Francehttp://fr.kde.org/Outdated (2015)Keep
Iranhttp://ir.kde.org/Unavailable since 2015 (2009 content)Remove
Israelhttp://il.kde.org/Outdated (2005)?
Romaniahttp://www.ro.kde.org/Old but has contentKeep
Ukrainehttp://www.kde.org.ua/Hosting message since 2014 (2007 content)Remove
Japanhttp://www.kde.gr.jp/Old but has contentKeep
Argentinahttp://kde.org.ar/Unavailable since 2014Remove

I would like to get feedback on this list, especially on questionable cases.
Please note that removing a link from the list does not mean it can never be added again.

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It all makes sense to me, offering it in the shape of a patch will make it easier to have it applied.


As there's been no feedback on questionable websites, I will proceed with my patch with the following:
Czechia, Taiwan — remove, too broken, create a misconception
Israel — keep, as it is, despite its age, a quality website which links properly to kde.org and the translation team.

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