Orca doesnt interrupt on switching window in KWin
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I assume this is because some ATK role or something needs to be done in orca,

i leave this here to track this issue.


Open Plasma 5.15
Start orca
open multible windows
press alt + Tab to switch windows

expected result:
Same as in gnome - Interrupt, speak new entry

current result:
no interruption when entry is changed.

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Works in KDE Plasma 5.15 with orca master, will be available with next orca version thanks @gladhorn !

Very nice :) We should probably change the "role" of the task switcher items. I think Joanie suggested "Icon"?

It seems like adding icon needs a patch to Qt. I can do that, what is the preferred role though?

Maybe it would be a good idea to merge all the ATK roles with the QT ones? So we could provice all needed roles?
there is stuff what might be nice for other places as well. like ATK_ROLE_ICON.

This might be interesting for our desktop icons as well:

but for the KWin role, i would make the container to an list and the entry to an item? given to this

ROLE_LIST_ITEM might work, but a list item needs to live in a list. In
addition, when Orca sees a list item, it tries to present the position
in set and set size -- at least for some users based on their settings.
Thus that might not be the right thing either.


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I close this and keep the outstanding issues on track in T10836 as the initial bits are working now.

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Yes and no. We want the Qt roles to be meaningful across desktops and mobile, so they should be as sensible as possible. But of course we can add things that are adding new semantics. https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/259401/ Is now going to be in Qt 5.12.4, so from there on "Desktop Frame" and "Terminal" will work.
Let me know if you think there are other roles that should be added to Qt in general. We now assert that all roles that are present in Qt are somehow mapped to AT-SPI.

If we add the desktop frame we should add the desktop icons as well or/and maybe the "normal icons".


whatever the difference is, i may ask this to joanie, a icon seems to be an icon for me...