Promote the 5th anniversary of KDE Frameworks
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KDE Frameworks will soon turn 5 years old with its 5.60 release, likely happening in July 2019 (that will be the 61th release).

Ideas where Promo could help:

  1. prepare a Dot story
  1. get in touch with Qt marketing to celebrate/promote this release

Talking points:

  • KDE Frameworks is a set of well-maintained crossplatform C++ libraries that extend Qt
  • KDE Frameworks libraries can often be used standalone without any (or only a few) dependencies, such as KArchive or KSyntaxHighlighting
  • KDE Frameworks are well-tested and documented
  • Transparent licensing
  • KSyntaxHighlighting is used in Qt Creator

Strengths of KDE Frameworks

  • the modularity (you can use the ones you need, without drawing in too many unwanted dependencies)
  • the quality (peer review, multi-platform CI...)
  • the monthly release schedule -- that was something I was very keen on, so that application developers fix issues (bugs, missing features) in KDE Frameworks rather than working around them in their application, and in my opinion, this has proven to be very successful.
  • the single branch (no stable/master split), which simplifies the life of developers, and didn't impact quality thanks to the above two items.


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Hi everyone, I'm bumping this in priority and moving it to active tasks - if we really wanna do this. Since there hasn't been much activity on the ticket, I'm guessing there are no volunteers for writing the draft of the Dot story? :)