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[effects/showpaint] Use a shortcut to toggle the effect

Authored by zzag on Sep 23 2018, 7:49 AM.


[effects/showpaint] Use a shortcut to toggle the effect

The Show Paint effect is useful when debugging repaint regions issued by
effects. The only headache with it is necessity to enable/disable it.
Consider the following workflow:

  • Do some change to an effect;
  • Compile KWin (or the effect);
  • Go to System Settings and enable the Show Paint effect;
  • Test effect, check repaint regions, etc;
  • Disable the Show Paint effect;
  • Go to the step 1.

This workflow is really exhausting. Also, when testing repaints in a
nested compositor, things become quite messy.

Because purpose of this effect is to debug repaints (and because this
effect is not meant for daily usage), I think that's fine to change
how it's activated.

This patch improves the workflow by changing the way how this effect
gets activated. Instead of enabling/disabling it, one can just use a shortcut
to activate or deactivate the effect.

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