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I like the way kube will go gread job here is my example of the mail overview and the detail view for mail conversation on phone/tablet.

For the Avatars I also have some additional stuff in mind like company logo, heart layout for the girlfriend(s), ...

I you think it's a git layout, yes the overview of the mail conversation show each mail as icon and you can fork the conversation. A really good thing to get an overview off a conversation thread.

andreaska created Kube Mail conversation navigation.May 11 2016, 8:29 AM
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(Adding my comment from the "Tree/threaded e-mail list view" ticket here, as it seems on-topic; sorry about cross-posting)

I feel it's a bit unnatural to add the thread visualisation widget in the e-mail message view. It would work better in the mail list view. Perhaps a git branch visualisation would work better here somehow? Like here:

It seems to have all the relevant features:

  • it's chronological
  • it can show branching in the thread
  • newest message (git commit, or in our case an e-mail message) is in top
  • has information on authors
  • the list e-mail remains a flat list, the visualisation is displayed *next* to it (also, easy to toggle on/off)

Of course it would need a lot of UI love, but I think this has a chance of being more intuitive than displaying the e-mail list in the middle column, and then the thread view additionally "inside" the e-mail. WDYT?