resource manager and resource downloader workflow

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With Aniketh's GSOC project, he has been working on a content downloader to download bundles and other resources from the internet. We have two different resource systems now and need to think of a way for them to work together without being confusing.

I have one potential solution below. This is the gist of it.

  1. The resource manager will still be the place to manage resources
  2. The content downloader will download files and make the resources active under the hood. This would take the place of manually downloading and importing resources.

The one thing I don't like about the resource manager is that it only shows bundles, but I am not sure if we want to tackle that issue now. The content downloader can download all kinds of resources. Even though the resource manager cannot manage other resource types, I think the downloader can still automatically import the downloaded files into Krita. That would be one solution.

I added a mockup with how this might work. Any feedback would be welcome.