Quick open: support also line number notions "#Lll", "#nll", "#ll"

Authored by kossebau on Jan 13 2017, 2:31 AM.



Pasting a path extracted from a repo web link on cgit, github, gitlab, or lxr
to Quick Open currently needs manual editing of the line number notion.
This patch allows to open them directly.

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Please add tests in util/tests/test_texteditorhelpers.cpp.


Code looks a bit too branchy.

Maybe it'd make more sense if you'd just use on instance of QRegularExpressionMatch?

auto match = pattern.match(input);
if (!match.hasMatch()) {
    match2 = pattern.match(input);

// ... as before

For pattern2 match.captured(2).toInt() will always return 0, which should be handled fine by the original code.

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Meant match = pattern2.match(input); in line 3 of course...

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Note: I'm wondering whether we should try to upstream this one way or the other to ktexteditor.git -- this feature (extract line + column numbers) from path-like strings is used in many places in both Kate & KTextEditor.

Another place: command-line handling, e.g. both kate and kdevelop accepted: kdevelop /path/to/file.cpp:100. The code which is currently handling this is https://github.com/KDE/kate/blob/master/urlinfo.h -- and I shamelessly copied that to kdevelop.git, too ;)

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@kwrite-devel Please check whether a function such as this would make sense in ktexteditor.git:

struct UrlCursor
    QUrl url;
    Cursor cursor;
/// Parse @p pathLike input and extract the url part and the line/column information
/// Example: /path/to/file.cpp:111, /path/to/file.cpp#L111
KTextEditor::UrlCursor KTextEditorHelpers::extractCursor(const QString& pathLike);

This functionality is duplicated in at least kate + kdevelop, probaby other places, too.

Not sure where to put it and whether ktexteditor.git would be the right place to start with though.

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