Debugger Feature

Authored by eliakinalmeida on Jan 12 2017, 6:03 AM.



After so long time without a commit, finally this feature has a functional version.
This version includes:

  • A new controller interface to management the debugger(DebugController)
  • A new Action to start the debugger(Starts a new process)
  • A QToolBar with debug actions
  • The actions are asynchronously executed
  • The DebugProcess is represented for a bdb.Bdb subclass
  • A Icon can point the current line in the debugger
  • Changes in the UI was maked
    • It was created a StackWidget to comport outputs in the scripter
    • The stack widgets can be accessed from the uicontroller
    • the output can be wrapped for another features in the scripter

Fixes T4551

Ref T1625

Test Plan


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Looks like excellent work! I'll be testing it now, after merging my branch into yours (so there's some real working API to play with).


I wonder what that means :-)

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Looks like the buttons are a bit hidden without icons?

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Something else doesn't work: when I press the debugger button, I get an error message "AttributeError: 'DocWrapper' object has no attribute 'flush'

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This was pushed :)