Applies the KDE1-style 'Classik' titlebar button icon style to Breeze-Icons
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Authored by paulm on Mar 27 2020, 5:49 PM.



As described in T12793 , this patch applies the KDE1-style 'Classik' titlebar icon styles to Breeze.

In D28356, for Breeze, it modifies both kdecoration and kstyle so that there will be consistency when titlebar-like buttons are used within applications.

In D28358 , for Breeze-GTK both new SVG files are added (affecting GTK applications with client-side-decorations in the titlebar like gedit), and the python script has been updated to generate new .png files with Cairo (affecting applications like Chromium).

In this diff, for Breeze-Icons, the action icons for window operations have been updated to match the 'Classik' style.

Screenshot from before applying patch:

Screenshot from after applying patch:

Annotated version of previous screenshot, labelled in red with which modules are rendering which icons:

Another screenshot showing all the titlebar icons after the patch:

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R266 Breeze Icons
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