Report TrackersList statuses statistics for torrent highlighting

Authored by trufanov on Mon, Nov 4, 3:15 AM.



This patch is required to let KTorrent to detect and highlight seeding torrents with different colors based on the state of their list of trackers.
It continues suggestion.

  1. Now libKTorrent shall be able to distinguish timeout errors from others.
  2. A new method allows a client to grab a statistical info about the states of the trackers list: total number of trackers enabled, number of trackers that have error state, how many of them have timeout errors and how many have warning message in a status string.

The idea is to highlight completed torrents that have no chance to continue seeding (all trackers are disabled or have error state and none of which are timeouts) with red. Highlight torrents which seeding may continue automatically soon (all trackers are with error or warning state but some errors are timeouts) with some greenish. And to highlight torrents that supposed to be seeding but still have some warnings (all tracker states contain warning messages) with some yellowish.
In case at least one tracker reports OK state with no warning - it will be left green as default.

Test Plan

I'll submit a diff to KTorrent that enables the usage of this function.

Diff Detail

R472 KTorrent Library
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.
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