Handle XdgShell window geometry in configure request sizes

Authored by davidedmundson on May 1 2019, 1:46 PM.



The size passed to an XDG shell configure request should match the
window size of the given window, we don't want to include the size of
any shadows that may be drawn by the client.

Kwin has the same concept of geometry for both window management, input
and rendering.

In order to approach this in a way that does not risk any regressions
with kwin's current structure AbstractClient::geometry remains the
canonical source and we handle the window within that internally within
ShellClient treating the windowGeometry as a set of margins from this.

This is part of a much bigger task (T10867). This patch addresses
windows growing when starting a drag based resize.

BUG: 403376

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Please wrap in QVERIFY.

Also, would it be a good idea to have an explicit configureRequestedSpy.wait() right after renderAndWaitFotShown?


No whitespace before comma.


If we add support for window rules, would geometry rules work well with GTK+ clients?

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Adding there is a slightly tricky case, the configure event after renderAndWaitForShown is just kwin activating the window. Something that happens with current kwin, but not a requirement that we want to be testing. I'll add it with a comment and not qverify it.


Before this patch: No
After this patch: Also no, but support will become easier to add.

The attached task hopefully lists plans. I can expand on any rationale/details there.

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Hmm, maybe I don't have full insight.

If there is a remember size rule and the last window size is (500, 500) and the actual last client size is (600, 600), we would send (600, 600) in the initial configure event, right? Shouldn't we send (500, 500) instead?

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Argh, nevermind. Just saw

Adjust rules

in the attached task.

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Please align them.

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