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Authored by albertoefg on Apr 24 2019, 10:29 PM.


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Added missing options, new images, warnings and tips. Minor edits to be a little more specific.

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The image files should be run through optipng, but text-wise this looks fine to me...

@kamathraghavendra can you read this through and try to push it? Otherwise, I'll try tomorrow night.

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albertoefg added a comment.EditedApr 25 2019, 2:08 AM

Hi @woltherav
Thank you for your kind review :)
I am sorry I should have read the images part of the manual carefully. I read about metadata but I skipped the part of optimizing PNG.
I have the better more compressed version now. But I don't know how to change the images here now.
Should I wait until it gets pushed and then update them?

There is also an small detail: I think in "Geometry" the part of "Global Coordinates" is not working. I have no idea how to use this feature.
Boud suggested me to read the code. But I decided to finish all the other things first. So I might updated later with a warning.

As wolthera mentions please run the png image through pngquant as well as optipng once.

Some suggestions and pointers -


I think we explain this drag type in next paragraph so, in my opinion it is not necessary here.


There are two types of drag action while selecting with shape selection tool,


Will it be good to put and before distortion?


there is a typo "willnn" should be "will".

The sentence can be like -
Once an object is selected, a dashed bounding box will appear around it.

"the following properties:" can be removed and it can be -

"You can use this dashed box to do adjust the placement, scale, angle and distortion of the selected object."


The dashed box is commonly called bounding box, so we can choose that term instead of dashed box, to make it familiar to new users. will it be possible to update it else where in the document?


you can specify which click - by |mouseleft| directive just to be clear.

  • Geometry is the first section in the tool options.
  • x, y coordinates (merely x, y) would be a bit less clear . the sentence can be - "This section allows you to set the x, y, coordinate of the shape and also its width and height."

"The first set of set the fill of the stroke:"

I think there is a missing word "buttons" here the sentence can be - The first set of buttons allows us to choose the fill of the stroke to be *None*, *Solid Color*, and *Gradient*. These same options exist for the fill of the shape, please refer to the following ..


Sets the stroke cap and stroke corner style, this can be accessed by pressing the three dots button next to the thickness entry.


Sets the line style of the stroke, ...


This section is about the fill of the color that fills the shape.


It is called as *solid color* in the tool tip so ti would be best to call it that, for consistency. Also I saw a commit which has hidden the pattern fill from the UI since it does not work properly, so I think we need to omit the pattern fill here


As the name implies this type fills the shape with a gradient. It has the following options


A menu for selecting a base gradient from a set of predefined gradient presets, which can be edited to our liking.


You can create more stops just by clicking anywhere on the line. To select a stop |mouseleft} inside the triangle. To delete the stops, |mouseleft| drag them to left or right until the end of the line.


I think they work, I just now tested it, so the warning is not required.


Patterns are hidden in the new builds so I guess this warning is also not required, since there is no option in UI

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