Add a line to remember file paths when uploading title clips

Authored by akhilkgangadharan on Jan 5 2019, 6:45 PM.



BUG: T9905
Update variable m_projectTitlePath with user selected directory when the user tries to load title clips from outside the default directory.

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Hi Akhilkgangadharan. I'm not a coder. Please add Jean-Baptiste Mardelle as reviewer. Thanks.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble emohr.

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Thanks for this contribution. To convert an url to a string, it is recommended to use toLocalFile() instead of toString() .
Also, the m_projectTitlePath variable is local to the titleWidget, so it is lost as soon as you close the title widget. To work around that, I used a KDE class that was designed to store paths for file dialogs: KRecentDirs::dir(QStringLiteral(":KdenliveProjectsTitles"));

I just pushed a complete fix for this issue:

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Thanks for reviewing!
I didn't think of storing the path as I thought it wouldn't be needed but now thinking about it, it is required :)

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll abandon this revision.