Add missing X-Qt-Contexts to header of *_qt.po files
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Authored by lueck on Dec 4 2018, 6:53 PM.


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we need the line
"X-Qt-Contexts: true\n"
in the header of *_qt.po files
so far scripty only checks for files without this line in a *_qt file
and reports this issue in the log, e. g.
with 74 translation catalogs without a header entry "X-Qt-Contexts: true\n"
this patch adds the missing entry

Test Plan

in Konsole:
cd l10n
sed -i 's/\"Plural-Forms/\"X-Qt-Contexts: true\\n\"\n\"Plural-Forms/g' $(find cat subdirs -type f -name \*_qt.po -print | xargs grep -L "X-Qt-Contexts: true")
svn diff

executing the command line a second time the
output reads:
sed: no input files

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Pology tool manage it more elegantly:

find $(cat subdirs) -type f -name \*_qt.po -print | xargs posieve set-header -sfield:'X-Qt-Contexts: true' -screate -safter:'X-Generator' -sreorder
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