Zanshin: show datasource in inbox page model.

Authored by dfaure on Oct 14 2018, 7:33 PM.



This is another one of those task details that are currently invisible.

However now that I'm testing it, I'm having second thoughts. In normal
usage all inbox tasks come from the same (default) datasource. This is
only useful when having multiple datasources (e.g. during a resource migration),
and when having doubts about where the tasks come from.
Maybe a tooltip (or a details dialog) would actually be enough for this use case. On the other hand it makes
the rendering somewhat consistent with the workday page ;-)

Well, one use case that this would cover nicely is people who want a
full private/work separation, including a different collection on their
private and work machines, while still seeing everything in both...

Test Plan

Starting zanshin and going to inbox, notice the second line showing the datasource name.

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I think it could go in as is, your call regarding the comment I had.


Actually as far as the index is concerned, maybe you could look at it and only look up for the collection if it has no parent. Children are in the same collection than their parents anyway.

Of course wouldn't apply to other extra information we might want to fetch now, but for collections doing it on top level items is enough.

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Don't show data source for child tasks, it's redundant.

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And sorry for the delay, somehow didn't appear in my dashboard.

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