Reactivate size slider in Red Eye Reduction tool

Authored by muhlenpfordt on Jul 24 2018, 11:08 AM.



While porting from KIntSpinBox to QSpinBox in 4efdfcdaef68 the
connection between the size slider and the spinbox got lost and
effectively disabled the slider.
This patch adds the signal/slot connections between both widgets
again and restores the functionality.

FIXED-IN: 18.08.0

Test Plan
  • Open Gwenview in View Mode
  • Enter Red Eye Reduction tool
  • Click in image to activate size option
  • Check if slider and spinbox are synchronised

Diff Detail

R260 Gwenview
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Haha, I worked on the same issue, but you catched an earlier time window to post the Diff. Good for you ;) That said, this way I also know exactly where I can break you patch (see inline comment, obviously was also broken in the KDE 4 version).

In case you are wondering, I also have patches adding a shortcut, fixing the cross cursor and fixing the undo name. Will post as soon as some other stuff is taken care of.

BTW, if you have time to work on some more advanced improvements: For example gThumb does not have any size slider, it can select both shape and size of the red eye correction automatically. (GIMP might have this too, did not try or look at their code, though). I could imagine this would be nice to have, if you want to embark on that challenge…


In my patch I also came to the conclusion to increase this. I chose 80 (doubling the initial size), but 99 is probably also okay.

Still, here you are setting an explicit value, while for the spinbox the implicit default of 99 is used. I'd say you should also set the maximum for the spinbox, to be consistent and not run in to issues should Qt decide to change the default.

Alternatively, remove the property here.


Does not work for keyboard use, only valueChanged will work.

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Use valueChanged signal
Set explicit max value for spinbox too

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Thanks for the hint. I asked myself what's the difference and trusted in the old code...

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