Explain PressureIn sensor input

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Added explanation for PressureIn and slightly changed the Pressure to make it more distinct and correct cause the tablet doesn't have the pressure sensor, it's actually the stylus that does that...

The PressureIn explanation is a bit lengthy but I can't think of a simpler way to do it. If any of you can summarize what I've wrote I'm open to any suggestion on how to make it more concise.

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fixed some typos

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I know what you're trying to say, but that analogy is very abstract.

Perhaps it is better to explain what pressure-in is trying to solve (Afaik, it was a solution to a reverse pressure curve on size. The person who made it didn't like how the reverse pressure curve on size would mean that the brush would become bigger when pulling the stylus up)?

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@woltherav I find that original explanation very problematic, first of all it doesn't solve at all what it's trying to solve. Second it focuses only on size whereas PressureIn is generic, is not about the size setting. Honestly I tried to explain what PressureIn does without the analogy and it's even more confusing. But I'm willing to revise it if you have any other ideas, like I said, explaining it in terms of the original solution is pretty bad, it took me one full day to even understand PressureIn based on that explanation in the first place and it wasn't until I extensively played with the setting to understand what it actually does. And honestly I don't even think I can explain it in those terms, because I don't believe it myself. It doesn't do what the original author says it's supposed to do.

Maybe it's best if we make a diagram, what do you think?

If you make a diagram, you will need to make it for all sensors.

The problem is that this is a wall of text, and I am not going to accept something in the manual I barely can read myself. On top of that, the purpose of the wall of text is to make something clear, but instead you end it with 'It's best to experiment with it to understand how it behaves', making the whole wall of text useless.

Just remove the analogy or come up with a better one, or just sit down and explain the user that pressure in only registers pressure change when the resulting pressure is higher than the previous pressure it was registering over the stroke.

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Yes, I think that the proposed text doesn't really clear things up.

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I agree, the text is very lengthy and still more confusing than not. I'll rework it later with the critique in mind and I think best is something in the lines of what you mentioned @woltherav.

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Remove ugly wall of text, simplify explanation, hope this is better.

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I'll replace 'lessening' with 'reducing' and will push it later.

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