Fixes mostly based on coverity scan

Authored by staniek on Feb 25 2016, 8:49 PM.



Many commits, mostly after use of

GIT_SILENT unused code--

Make KUndo2Stack::push return false if the command was merged (and deleted) rather than pushed

This helps to know if the command object can be still accessed after the call.

CID #1354238

Make sure we check if success of QCache::insert is checked, the object can be deleted already if not

CID #1354236

Connection set's removeConnectionData no longer removed the data object.

This removes double deletion in KexiConnectionSelectorWidget::slotRemoteAddBtnClicked() when adding connection failed.

CID #1354237

KexiGUIMessageHandler::showErrorMessage: avoid possible crash

KexiFormView::storeData: avoid possible crash

Remove useless call in KexiBlobTableEdit

CID #1354232

GIT_SILENT Disable dead code

CID #1354223

Remove dead code and fix if's

CID #1354221

Missing {} for "if"!

Found as structurally dead code by CID #1354220, good!

GIT_SILENT dead code--

GIT_SILENT simplify code

CID #1353848

GIT_SILENT disable unused code, add todo

CID #1353844

Missing break

CID #1353934

Use Qt::NoModifier for modifiers, not Qt::NoButton

Still not a big deal because both values are 0

CID #1353936

Table Designer: fix memory leak when not creating a new ChangeFieldPropertyCommand

CID #1353964

Report Designer: properly delete renderers

CID #1353961
CID #1353962

Unused KUndo2Command::timedID member

CID #1335671

Improve direct initialization of KUndo2View internals

CID #1335782

KexiReportDesignView: Remove possible dereference of nullptr

CID #1353977

KexiItemMenu: Remove possible nullptr dereference

CID #1353974

GIT_SILENT warnings--

CID #1353509

KexiDBReportData::setSorting: Check result of appending sort field

CID #1353507

KexiQueryView: fix logical vs. bitwise operator - can cause issues on view switching

Good find!
CID #1353514

GIT_SILENT Remove unused variables

CID #1354193

GIT_SILENT Remove unused memeber

CID #1354184

Clear status in KexiProject::items, otherwise calling it after error message will repeat the message

Fix order of initialization in KexiActionSelectionDialog (removes crash, regression in 3.0)

GIT_SILENT Fix signal signature in KexiActionSelectionDialog

KexiActionSelectionDialog: Fix potential nullptr dereferences, add some constness

CID #1354181

KexiDBDatePicker: add missing initialization, remove unused members

CID #1354156

GIT_SILENT KexiDataSourcePage: Remove unused members

CID #1354153

Fix possible dereferences when dynamic_cast<> returns nullptr

(from Coverity reports)

Fix control flow issues, invalid expressions, type issues

(from Coverity reports)

KexiComboBoxBase: Fix integer handling (invalid index possible)

CID #1353938, #1353939

Check results of dynamic_cast, add missing initializations, remove unused variables

(from Coverity reports)

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