How to fix KCI orange and red
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Build status legend:

  • not built yet (needs building, depwait, building, uploading, ...)
  • OK (or at least auto-qa ok)
  • minor things like lintian warnings, new symbols, etc.
  • failed to build from source or otherwise very broken

Fixing a package (example):

  • Check the buildlogs on KCI, find why it failed - in this example, Knavalbattle failed due to missing dependencies.
  • Create a work directory for this package and cd into it
  • Use dget and the dsc url to grab the package from unstable or stable PPA
  • Make your fixes locally you the package to build correctly
  • Using git clone the packaging from: and cd into it
  • Switch to the branch kubuntu_unstable or kubuntu_stable as there are the branches KCI uses.
  • Make your changes to the packaging and create a Merge Request or push it to the git repository
  • KCI will automatically detect the git push and will schedule a rebuild of the packages

In case of dependency issues:

  • Add the missing dependencies to debian/control
  • Do not use virtual packages (ask yofel why) <--- state reason here?

In case of Symbols problems:

  • Background:
  • Get the build logs from QA and extract them
  • Run pkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 4:15.12.0 -c amd64,i386 buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-* to auto patch the symbols files (see man pkgkde-symbolshelper for more info)
  • README in kubuntu-automation has the command you need to batchpatch symbols. Run c++filt on any MISSING symbols. Then look up the result on KDE API and see if it is a public symbol.
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