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This conversation stream is for the Google Code IN 2016 Ideas Submission under GCompris.

I think we can put this discussion public and send a mail to the list to fill ideas here (or if they don't have an account to tell us their ideas and we can add them directly)?

task: add level(s) to explore_world_animals

Oct 29th, 2016
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task: play, find and report bugs (and fix them if they want and it's not too difficult)

Oct 30th, 2016

Yeah Sure I am doing that thing.

Guesscount Activity (these are separate tasks) :

  1. make dataset for different levels of the activity . (Edit dataset.js)
  2. Add background and and Improve other graphic properties of the Activity.

Animation Activity (I want to kick start work on this activity):

  1. the task is to make basic visible qml elements ( tool box and work area

) similar to screenshot of the animation activity. I think this task is
easy(basic) and will teach kids how to get started with qml.

I will provide specific info/instructions for each task also.

These are the task which we did last year @jjazeix @rahulyadav

There are total 5 categories in which you can add your tasks:

  • Code
  • User interface
  • Documentation/Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Outreach/Research

We have to give one or two tasks in each category. Me adding @rkaur for the Google code in Tasks Addition.

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Oct 31st, 2016
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Nov 2nd, 2016

I'll fill in a few hours the google form to add these tasks:

  • task: explore_world_animals, add more animals (can be done by adding new level(s) to not overcharge the existing one) - 3 days - Coding
  • task: create blog post about gcompris (user feedback, what is good, what can be improved) - 3 days - Documentation
  • task: play, find and report bugs (and fix them if they want and it's not too difficult) - 5 days - Quality Assurance
  • task: guesscount, update graphical elements (background, "theme") - 5 days - User Interface
  • task: guesscount, update dataset to make it more interesting - 3 days - Quality Assurance
  • task: animation activity, create the activity folder and create a PR on github - 4 days - Coding - Rahul Yadav
  • task: animation activity, once activity created, create the basic layout of the activity - 7 days - Coding - Rahul Yadav
  • task: draw letters, new activity icon - 4 days - UI

Is it ok for you (categories and time)? Do you have more in mind?

@jjazeix it is awesome :) @rkaur your ideas ?

  • task: design a T-shirt/sweet gcompris/kde - 5 days - Outreach/Research

Regarding last year ideas, I don't think it is useful to add bonus characters (I'm not even sure we use the ones added last year in fact) or screenshots.

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hi, I had a few ideas to share:

  1. If anyone is having mac . They can build GCompris in their systems and write the proper documentation for it as new comers have problem for the same when they begin with it. (Documentation)
  2. update the docs page where we list down the activities ported and left to port (documentation).
  3. Build gcompris in android also,report bugs and fix them by trying activities both in ladscaape and portrait mode. (Quality assurance)

@dmadaan, for macOS, Utkarsh already updated the wiki: http://gcompris.net/wiki/Qt_Quick_development_process#Compiling_GCompris_for_Mac_OS_X. The process is the same as linux except you have to disable box2d.
For the doc page, do you refer to http://gcompris.net/wiki/Qt_Quick_Migration_status? For me, it's not useful to update the page as for the development, we have to go through phabricator to assign activities. But what could be useful would be to create/update a user manual for each activity in the wiki (http://gcompris.net/wiki/GCompris_en_classe is in French and for the Gtk+ version).

I've added the 9 tasks to the gci page

Nov 5th, 2016

what do you think of a GCompris flyer (A4 format) which quickly explains GCompris and display some of its activities?

Nov 6th, 2016

Yeah it is better to be included :) We can add it

Nov 8th, 2016

KDE is selected in Google Code in :)

Jan 22nd, 2017
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