Remove links from the left menu on techbase.ko
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On techbase.ko we have those links that are not up-to-date anymore, and mostly point to community.

Furthermore, people think techbase if aimed at the KDE community, partly because these links are telling them so.

I would remove all of theses:
Getting started

To give more insight: Getting Started, Schedule, Policies and Contribute are only community related. Each project can have it's own "Contribute" page if needed. Projects should die and be directly on the frontpage (mostly done already, the remaining are deprecated) and Development should also be deprecated and moved either within their own projects or on kapidox (ongoing task).

To summarize, none of theses are needed. See T9354 for the discussion which prompted this ticket

Thank you

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I think it could be nice that you leave the ticket visible by people (to keep track of the decision)

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I've now made the change as requested on Techbase.