Redirect Policies link in sidebar to the Community Policies page
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I tried to redirect the page but then I reverted it ( - the page is this special link and I'm not sure how to change that.

I'm open to helping out with this task, but not sure how altho I know a fair bit about the tool from Wikipedia.

Thought maybe the sidebar was a template (browsed but I don't see it.

Happy to help if someone can point me in the right direction.

I suppose I probably should have filed this on bugzilla

If you'd prefer I close it here and open it there, that's fine...

IMO the policy link should be removed, but the contribute link should be updated.

Techbase is not aimed anymore at kde folks but at technical users. They don't need to know about our policies... Until they contri ute

If you agree on that I'll open the sysadmin ticket that would be needed

These policies look to be 90% development policies: commits, architectural design and style, and so on. So I'm inclined to keep that link.

In theory the whole "Policies for Developers" section could belong on techbase altho I don't think more splitting things up more is a good idea.

It actually seems like has more technical advice than techbase - for example is pretty up-to-date whereas similar articles on techbase are stale.

No, Techbase is not related to development within the kde community. But if for example the Cantata dev (who is not a KDE guy) wants to use our libs, he doesn't care about how we commits and dev. What he wants is how to compile the code, how to find help, who to contact if he finds a bug etc....

And you are right Techbase pages which are related to on boarding new contributors, do bug tracking etc are stale because they should be deleted. Techbase is for external devs, technical users, but not us as the kde community

Ah OK - I see that there's a banner about that but somehow it didn't register with me like it should have. Given that, 👍 on removing it.

@bencreasy no problem. I opened a ticket to tell that it still isn't obvious for everyone. This means we need more work on this :)

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