Unify Schedule information in one single source
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On Akademy 2018, we have the fixed scheduled provided as a JSON file that can be reused for any application or website.

This common file otherwise not provide full schedule information due the dynamic characteristic of creating latest hour B.O.F.s
The current way involves add the information on a wiki page, and even a possible converter could be created for this, is not the best approach

To provide a fully up to date JSON file, a system to properly setup the B.O.F.s and generate on the fly updates should be devised.

As a DoD ( Definition of Done ):

  • Should not change the current format of JSON, just update the information on same process
  • Must provide a simple edit/input process, at least over web
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It seems like adding bof scheduling by anyone as a feature to upstream FRAB would make the most sense for the Akademy workflow and ensure maintainability

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