Continuous Video Thumbnails depending on height and zoom of the timeline
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Add a setting in each video track to determine the number of video thumbnails showing up in each clip.

  • first (first frame of the clip on the beginning of each clip)
  • show first and last (first and last frame of the clip on the beginning and the end of each clip)
  • show frames (continuous video thumbnails)
  • show name only

The number of frames displayed should be depending on the selected height of the video track and the zoom of the timeline.

  • The height of the video track determines the number of the thumbnails displayed: the height of the video track is the height of the video thumbnail.
    • Smallest video track (min. height of the video track) showing most frames
    • Highest video track (max. height of the video track) showing fewest frames.

see more info here:

emohr created this task.Jul 29 2018, 9:59 AM
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Thanks for the suggestion. This is fairly easy to integrate in the refactoring branch (that will be released in december), and I started working on it. I have a few questions for you:

  1. is it really useful to have the option to only show first frame (I don't really see an advantage over the first/last frame option)
  2. how do you think we could expose this to the user ? I think we should keep the global setting to show/hide all thumbnails. But if we want the new setting to be track dependant, this means a new icon in the track header I guess ? If we discard the 1st frame only option it would leave 3 possibilities: no thumbnails, start/end, continuous. Maybe we can have a 3 state button, and cycle through the different modes on each click on the button? Any better idea ?
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This is a sample video of what I currently implemented in the refactoring version

emohr added a comment.Jul 31 2018, 3:46 PM

Thanks for take this up.

Looks good. In the video you toggle: first/last -> continues -> file name -> first/last-> continuous. Then switching the track to small and continuous appears. Correct?

To your question above:

  1. I got these 4 options just out of Premier Pro CS6. Only show first frame: I think it would be a useful option for the user if you have a packed timeline to be a bit more tidy and clear.
  2. I think we should set it to first/last as default. Idea: click on “thumbnail type” -> pop-up appears and you can set to one of the options. Then it’s clear what is set even if you zoom in or out.
mardelle added a comment.EditedJul 31 2018, 4:25 PM

Ok, I have added a menu opening when we click on the button, as well as a in frame only mode. When resizing the track height, the mode does not change. In my previous video I just wanted to show that when changing track height and displaying all thumbs, it adapts the number of frames to the track height.
Now what is still needed is saving the track's preference, then I guess we can close this task

emohr added a comment.Jul 31 2018, 5:36 PM

So quick … ;-)

I would put “In thumb” on top (first position).

Would it be clearer if you would exchange the word “thumb” with “frame” and the last option “clip name”?

Ok, this is now committed in git. I renamed the options to "in frame, in/out frames, all frames, no thumbnails), and it is now saved per track in the project file

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