watchers to not run on apps/plasma/kf5
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watchers are not meant to be automatically action apps/plasma/kf5 products, those should only ever do anything when they are triggered manually. however, since the porting to the /kde/foo structure this seems to have broken. the net result is that apps seem to get pulled in by their watchers in the daily run and thus we have the apps staged before we should have.

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This looks to have been fixed.

NB: the output of the watcher is also a bit confusing. it will try to push even when nothing changed because pushing happens in a post-build step on jenkins-level rather than inside the tooling. So it will attempt a noop push even when nothing changed. The important thing to look out for is if a diff is in the output, if there is something changed. I've checked the last kf5 release and the daily run while detecting 5.56 did definitely not result in it being integrated.