KDE Plasma 5.13 Release Video
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KDE Plasma 5.13 release video needs to be worked on.


  • Select the features to address in the video
  • Screen Captures
  • decide on visual elements
  • write a script
  • record audio segments
  • create motion graphics
  • enjoy a sandwich
Lucas added a comment.EditedMay 28 2018, 9:31 AM

So I made a few screen recordings, which include:

  1. Plasma Browser Integration
  2. System Settings Redesigns
  3. New Look for Lock Screen. I think we should use the one with the sideshow plugin enabled.
  4. Improved blur (Dashboard menu, and the blur in the breeze widget style). While blur in the breeze widget style isn't used by default, it looks really good and gives us some wow effect)
  5. Redesigned Media Player Widget
  6. Plasma Vault improvements
  7. Discover

All of them are Full HD 60 fps

Here is the link https://share.kde.org/index.php/s/sRo78JqbEkMqCGE

Also if we are going to use some animated backgrounds, here is a channel with some really good creative common licensed content.

Thank you so much Lucas!

I hadn't heard of that video background channel before so thanks very much for that!

Congrats on the great video, and thank you for your hard work!

I'll mark this task as done, since the video is out now. Hope that's OK with you. (If not, feel free to move it back.)

Oh, and for those who missed it, the finished video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2kR1_n_d-g

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