New installer slides and Journey for 18.04
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For 18.04 LTS we MUST invest time to create a beautiful and compelling installation user journey. This should welcome the user into our community, make them feel like they have arrived home.
It must express the values of our community, and the benefits of being part of it.

It should contain links ( which work and launch the browser ) to our community resources, Website, Mailing lists, IRC, Phabricator, and Documentation.

It needs to be gorgeous with beautifully designed ( @adelsarto ) which carry the Kubuntu, Ubuntu and KDE brands. The slides should also promote Konqi, so that we can develop him as fun can compelling mascot.

Here is a summary of the Slides for the Xubuntu installation, which I think make a good start

Xubuntu Install Journey

  1. Welcome to Xubuntu ( Congratulations for chooosing to install Xubuntu
  2. Ready to Go ( Info about apps 8 Firefox, Thunderdirb, Pridgin, Parole, Witer, Cacal, Gnaome Software
  3. Xubuntu Desktop ( Explains about panels )
  4. Help and Support ( Info about documentations, Menu > Help , Other Resources)
  5. Real time support ( Info about IRC
  6. Want to contribute ( How to get involved )
  7. Thank You ( Thanks for taking the time to install Xubuntu ) - We love to hear about your experience installing Xubuntu.

Here is a link to the Wiki Page where we are developing this Journey, including Wording, and Artwork

18.04 Installer User Journey

@ricktimmis @adelsarto any update on the slides for this? I'm making fixes for the current design of the slideshow might not 100% behind a redesign unless we get someone with more HTML and CSS knowledge then I.