Review default entries on Kickoff menu and other stuff
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The Kickoff menu has a number of slots for favourite used applications, we have populated this in Zesty and it would be nice to review and update it for Artful.

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Current is:


I like the list as it meets the needs of both new and experienced users. I personally don't use Kontact or Discover, but they are easy to remove.

maybe add VLC?

Maybe add a screenshot so we can see how it looks currently before thinking of adding VLC?

The menu is pretty crowded already. I would say adding new items means removing some others.

On VLC, I'm not sure ow many launch that ever from a menu? I just use it as a open with when clicking on media files 99% of the time.

since Artful is out the task should be either updated for Bionic or closed as outdated/irrelevant.

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Nobody seems to think this needs adjustment; closing.