Don't make windows translucent when moving by default
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Making windows slightly translucent when moving has always seemed gimmicky and purposeless to me. KDE Neon ships with the feature off, but Kubuntu doesn't. I think it would improve the user experience to ship with it turned off.

ngraham created this task.Aug 19 2017, 4:58 AM
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FWIW: I use the feature quite often when positioning windows over each other to make sure relevant information is not hidden when another window pops to the front. As the feature does not hurt when on: -1 for removing it.

clivej added a subscriber: clivej.EditedAug 19 2017, 12:34 PM

Do you know how neon turn it off?

KDE neon tend to ship with all KDE defaults so I am surprised at them changing defaults to be honest. Could there be something else at play?

The feature is turned on with System Settings > Desktop Behavior > Desktop Effects > Translucency.

Neon doesn't even have the effect installed, so it's not on.

rikmills added a subscriber: rikmills.EditedAug 19 2017, 1:55 PM

It's there for me in Neon on my hardware. It's not a case that Neon does not install it, as it's all the same Kwin lib. Simply that Kwin only displays it as an option if it determines that your system supports that for the compositor.

Also -1 from me for setting any config in kwinrc etc to disable it by default.

Ah, makes sense.

I stand by my position that it's a bit of a cheap, amateurish effect in 2017 for a mature and professional desktop like Plasma, but if that's just me, I'll go back to my hole and shake my cane at clouds again.

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While I totally respect your opinions on this, I do feel this is a KDE decision and that we (Kubuntu) shouldn't be trying to change it.

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Makes sense. I'll plead my case there.