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Fundraiser website: https://www.kde.org/fundraisers/randameetings2017/
Official hashtag: #Randa2017

As Lays, Aleix and I agreed in our call today, we need to come up with a social media plan for promoting the fundraising campaign.
This includes planning the content for the Dot that will be promoted on social media.

This is a high priority task because we need to get it done before the campaign actually begins.

At the very least, we need to cover:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Mastodon
  • Google+ (?)
  • Dot
  • Reddit (?)

As always, all suggestions are welcome. :)

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Randa 2017 Fundraiser Campaign: Social Media Plan
Timeline: August 7 - September 17

General tasks:
+ come up with the official fundraiser hashtag DONE
+ make a Facebook event page for Randa 2017

Primary content:
+ the fundraiser website itself – simply share the link DONE
+ Dot article about the fundraiser DONE
+ progress update articles on the Dot (how many?) with CTAs/reminders to donate

"Selling points":
1 - Accessibility as an important feature in KDE software
2 - Randa Meetings as an important event for the KDE community
3 - Advancing Free Software: important for the FLOSS community at large.

Content to support the selling points:

1 - Accessibility
+ what accessibility means & why it matters
+ current KDE accessibility efforts - state of apps & how it can be improved [with the
+ interviews with developers who'll be working on accessibility during Randa 2017
+ VERY AMBITIOUS IDEA - a video that simulates issues (impaired vision & hearing,
color blindness, navigation problems...) that accessibility can solve

2 - Randa Meetings
+ what are Randa Meetings? - there will be people who have never heard of Randa, or
are not particularly familiar with the history; if we're going to appeal to people outside
of the KDE community, it's necessary to explain why Randa matters in the context of
+ previous work accomplished during Randa Meetings
+ presenting the teams/projects that will be participating in this year's Randa Meetings
+ what exactly will they be doing - this is very important, people want to know what
their money goes into

Suggested posting frequency:
1 Dot article per week
5 tweets/toots per week
3 FB/G+ posts per week
Reddit: whenever a story comes out on the Dot, share it there (so, once a week?)

Additional content ideas/guidelines:

+ take quotes/excerpts about Randa from the 20 Years of KDE book and post them to Facebook/G+/Mastodon (basically, the networks that allow longer text), then add a
link to the fundraiser
+ simply repurpose/share old content about Randa to show what it looked like, providing context (#throwbackthursday/#flashbackfriday material)
+ make it personal - find a KDE software user who struggles & who would benefit from the results of Randa 2017 Accessibility sprint - TELL THEIR STORY
+ alternatively, if you can't find anyone (or if it doesn't feel right to "use" one person for a story like this), simply design a user persona and present their use case
as a potential success story

+ our content should answer the questions:
WHO will be working on improving accessibility - the answer: presenting the developers
WHY do we need money - the answer: concrete tasks that will be worked on during Randa 2017
WHAT will we do with the money - the answer: pretty straightforward; explain how Randa works and how the money will be used
HOW will the donors benefit from supporting us

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+ come up with the official fundraiser hashtag DONE



Tweets for...


Help David Edmundson improve keyboard navigation on Plasma - donate to the #Randa2017 funding campaign. https://www.kde.org/fundraisers/randameetings2017/


Sanjiban Bairagya will be working on text-to-speech on Marble at #Randa2017. Donate to the fund raising campaign. https://www.kde.org/fundraisers/randameetings2017/


GCompris developers want to improve Braille activities for visually impaired kids at #Randa2017. Help make it happen. https://www.kde.org/fundraisers/randameetings2017/

Also scheduled on FB. Will have to input by hand on G+ and Mastodon, though.